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Based in Japan, Shimano is a well-known brand across the globe. Shimano manufactures an extensive range of gears belonging to a variety of fields, which include bicycles, rowing, golf and fishing. In today’s post, we will particularly discuss about Shimano reels.

Shimano has launched a wide range of fishing reels so far. The purpose of launching such an extensive range is to entertain the anglers with various budget limits, i.e., from very limited to lavish budgets.

Even though, there are a few very inexpensive Shimano reels available on the market, Shimano never compromises over quality. Shimano reels are perfectly suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Moreover, you can use them to catch small and big fish. None of the Shimano reels let you down, ever.

Why should you buy Shimano reels?

Shimano is a brand name that is synonymous with high quality and stylish designs. The following features make Shimano reels the first choice for a majority of anglers, including novice and experienced ones.

Exclusive X-Protect system

Shimano reels have an exclusively designed X-Protect system. It consists of waterproof covering along with water-channeling design; they help in guarding the interior reel mechanism from saltwater and sand.

G-Free Body

This is another special feature in Shimano reels. G-Free Body helps in moving the reel’s gravity center closer to the angler’s hand, which makes holding the reel comfortable during extensive fishing sessions. It is an ergonomic feature that doesn’t let the anglers’ hands and arms get tired.

MicroModule Gear System

It is a system that allows for better contact with the bait/lure while the vibrations are very low. It also improves alignment to generate higher torque and better control.

Elegant Designs

Shimano’s every series and model has a definite aesthetic appeal. Shimano has actually set the best standards when it comes to manufacturing stylish fishing reels. The best part is that the aesthetic appeal is never compromised in budget-friendly models.

Recommended Shimano Reels

We have carefully selected a few models that can help you get a good catch rate on your fishing trips. Just go through the following options to pick the one you find most suitable to fulfill your fishing needs completely:

Shimano Spirex Front Drag Spinning Reel 6Bb 6.2:1

It is s high-end model and weighs only two lbs, which makes it easy to carry and handle. It is made of graphite frame.

  • It has five protected stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Since the majority of anglers use one hand, its QuickFire II 1-handed casting system comes very handy.
  • It has a repairable clicker.
  • It is 100% safe to use in saltwater fishing.
  • Its rubber handle grip makes it comfortable and ergonomic for the anglers to hold for longer time.
  • Some of the more features include propulsion line management, dynamic balance, S-concept, S-guard and S-arm cam.

Shimano Stradic 5000 Compact Reel

This is living proof of Shimano’s dominance and application of the cutting-edge technologies.

  • It is unbelievably light in weight, as it weighs only 1 lb.
  • Its HAGANE design concept has taken the sturdiness and durability to the next level.
  • The combination of cold-forged drive, X-Ship technology, and Stradic FK boosts its winding power.

Sedona FI

This model falls in the budget-friendly range of Shimano spinning reels, but its performance is not compromised, so it is quite high in demand.

  • It includes cold forged HAGANE gears.
  • It contains three 3+1 bearings.
  • It comes with an upgraded drag power and enhanced gear ratios. It signifies that it can be used in light freshwater as well as for heavier offshore species.

Sustain FI

This spinning reel has to offer several high-end features, which translate into its great performance.

  • It can be used to catch big bass to small billfish.
  • It has a great strength and firmness to handle fishing challenges in any water.
  • It has a whopping number of bearings, which is 8+1.
  • It features X-Protect technology, which ensures durability.
  • Its retrieve per crank range is between 35 and 41.


It is also a spinning reel with varispeed and Dyna-Balance. It is an idea reel for long cast and smooth retrieves. It has 1 +1 bearings and propulsion line management system.


It is an electric Shimano reel. With Forcemaster, you will surely have an enthralling fishing experience.

  • It has Heat Free System II.
  • It offers excellent winding speed, strength, drag and line capacity.
  • It comes with a programmable and manual mode, so that the anglers can adjust it according to their fishing techniques.
  • You can get Forcemaster in two different sizes, i.e., Forcemaster 9000 and Forcemaster 6000.

Ultegra CI4

It is a surf reel with a compact body and light weight, all thanks to the use of CI4+. It is a power pack in a small body.

  • Its compact body enables the rod to move easily when distance casting.
  • It has Super Slow Oscillation line lay, and AR-C spool for instant drag and quick adjustment.
  • It also has Cold Forged, X-Ship for strong winding, and 5 Stainless A-RB bearings.


It is an epitome of Shimano’s flagship features, which makes it the ultimate choice for light tackle inshore and bass anglers. Its magnesium HAGANE body enables the anglers to go all day fishing tirelessly.

  • It has X-protect technology, so it is highly resistant against saltwater. It also signifies you can use it in saltwater fishing with no fear of corrosive damage.
  • Its bearings number 11+1, which ensure how smoothly it can operate.

These are just a few Shimano models to consider when you need to buy a fishing reel. Shimano offers a great variety of reels, elegant designs, and affordable prices.

In short, you can find a model or two, no matter what budget and preference you have. All things considered, it is quite safe to say that Shimano reels take the lead in this industry by far.

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