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Return Policy

Returns/ Defectives/Damaged Goods:

Buckwaters will honor the FC return policy on unwanted goods so long as that policy does not directly contradict Buckwaters or
manufacturer return policy. Buckwaters does not cover return shipping on unwanted products.
The FC is to provide each customer that wishes to return a product an RMA and provide Buckwaters Customer Service with a
copy of each. Buckwaters does not charge a restocking fee unless mitigating circumstances (at the discretion of Buckwaters) indicate the
need to do so. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) damaged packaging that must be replaced before an
item is re‐saleable, direct contact to Buckwaters Customer Service from an EC, return of a product without a proper RMA and
recurring returns by the same EC.

Damaged in shipping goods (that are not refused by the EC) should be immediately reported to Buckwaters. FC will be instructed
by Buckwaters Customer Service on how to handle the damaged goods, depending on shipper. FC promises to follow Buckwaters
instructions regarding the damaged goods or risk giving up and claim for credit of the damaged goods. As a show of
good faith, Buckwaters will attempt to send a new, undamaged, product to the EC free of shipping, handling, or DSF costs. Any
return shipping costs are to be covered by the EC or FC, at the FC discretion. If investigations and subsequent claims
allow Buckwaters to recoup both shipping costs, these credits will be shared with the FC. If investigation by a 3rd party
determines that neither the shipper nor Buckwaters are responsible, Buckwaters retains the right to charge back any fees or costs to the

Goods that are deemed to be defective upon receipt should be returned to Buckwaters immediately. Return shipping costs to
Buckwaters are not included. Buckwaters will ship a new, undamaged product to the EC free of DSF costs. Goods that become defective
upon a later date should be returned to the manufacturer pursuant to the manufacturer’s return/warranty policy. Buckwaters
does not warrant or guarantee return or replacement of any item.
Goods that are deemed to be incomplete or have missing parts should be reported immediately. At EC discretion, Buckwaters
will send a new, undamaged product to the EC free of shipping, handling or DSF fees. Return shipping costs to Buckwaters are
not included. Should the EC agree, Buckwaters will make an attempt to contact the manufacturer on the EC behalf to obtain the
correct/missing/replacement parts at no cost to the EC.